• USDA Prime rib $99

    USA Prime Rib cap-on carved table side for two persons 1KG

  • Angus Chateaubriand $58

    Black Angus beef double cut fillet mignon Chateaubriand 300G

  • Angus rib-eye steak $65

    Black Angus beef ribeye steak 400G

  • Beef steak tartare $15

    Beef Black Angus tenderloin steak tartare, made to order, served with classic garnishes

  • Black Angus striploin steak $49

    Black Angus striploin steak 300G

  • Black Angus filet mignon $29

    Black angus beef single cut fillet mignon 200G

  • USDA Prime marble rib-eye signature cut $78

    USDA Prime marble rib eye steak, signature cut 400G

  • New York Strip Steak $21

    New York Strip Steak 200G

  • Tournedos Rossini $43

    Pan-fried beef Black Angus tenderloin topped with a hot slice of foie gras and finished with a périgourdine sauce


  • Roasted lamb rack $29

    Roasted rack of lamb with fresh thyme juice, rosemary and mustard sabayon.

  • Roasted duck breast with foie gras $38

    Roasted duck breast served with pan-seared foie gras

  • French duck leg confit $28

    Gently cured French duck legs bathed in their own fat and slowly cooked to falling-off-the-bone perfection with sautéed potatoes and seasonal vegetables

  • Braised lamb shank $48

    Braised lamb shank with roasted baby potatoes, herbs and garlic

  • Guinea fowl breast with morels $43

    Guineafowl with morels and foie gras sauce

  • Taglitelle carbonara $13

    Classic carbonara recipe with eggs, pork and extra shot at Kampot black pepper

  • Ravioles stuffed with foie gras $15

    Ravioles stuffed with foie gras and cep mushrooms

  • Spaghetti Bolognese $10

    The classic spaghetti Bolongaise


  • Grilled lobster $40

    Grilled live fresh water lobster with a light butter sauce

  • Grilled Brittany sea lobster $-

    Grilled Brittany sea lobster served with a coral butter sauce

  • Unilateral cooked Scottish salmon $28

    Unilateral cooked salmon with Chef's white butter sauce

  • Pan-fried Dover sole fillet $97

    Dover sole fillet pan-fried in a brown butter sauce

  • Pan-fried live Grouper fillet $27

    Grouper fillet pan-fried in an almond and butter sauce with a pinch of fresh lime juice

  • Seared scallops and caviar $22

    Seared scallops and caviar over mashed cauliflower

  • Seared live sea bass fillet $27

    Seared hazelnut-crusted sea bass fillet with spring vegetables

  • Poached lobster with foie gras $48

    Butter-poached lobster with foie gras

  • Seafood spaghetti $16

    Creamy seafood spaghetti